Gualdo Tadino

Gualdo Tadino, famous for its ceramics industry and art, lays on Sant'Angelo hill dominated by the castel "Rocca Flea". Athough not much is known about the history of the town during ancient romans, it is quite sure that the roman Tadinum was an important center since it was along the Flaminia way.
It was destroyed and robbed several times by the barbarians; and due to that it was rebuilt in 1180 on the close hills, as testified by the name Gualdo, from the german word "walt" i.e. "wood". During the Middle Age it became a free commun, and later on it was taken over by the papal state.
The visit of the town has a number of artistic attractions: first of all the castle, named Rocca Flea , realized in the XIII century for order of Federico II.
Among the other churches, there are the Dome of San Benedetto (XIII century) with its interesting facade on which a rose-window opens (at its inside wonderful works can be found) and the church of San Francesco, a marveous gothic building, decorated by Matteo di Gualdo, which was born in this town. Interesting is also the Communal Pinacotheca in which, besides the works of Matteo di Gualdo, also a beautiful painting of Niccolò Alunno can be admired.